Even If We Speak Telugu, The ‘tamil’ Spirit Doesn’t Leave Us

i am also like you. My native tongue is Telugu and also my Great Grand Parents migrated from Andhra/ Telangana to Tamil Nadu leaving their possessions, I Am Not My Ancestors lands and also cleared up in Tamil Nadu and led a basic life. They were as soon as Zamindar’s. Throughout British guideline they migrated leaving their house. This story prevails amongst numerous Telugu talking family members staying in neighbouring states. My papa was moved to Mysuru, Karnataka and I was birthed and also brought up in Mysuru.

Still we consider ourselves as Telugu just. Though extremely proficient in Tamil and also my Grand moms and dads, Moms and dads were luving like more Tamil in society than their origin. We state our mother tongue as Telugu though we might not speak well-versed, but it was obligatory to talk our very own telugu with our Moms and dads. Our telugu vernacular, accent words obtain mixtured with Tamil much more as well as likewise blend Kannada in it. We utilized to chat easily our very own telugu also seen a number of our loved ones speaks very same like us, yet when we intend to speak with our Telugu individuals, I Am Not My Ancestors care is required to spell out the proper words.But they can make out our TelTamil language.

Involving factor, wherever you live. You need to recognize on your own with your mother tongue Telugu. You can enhance by discovering appropriate words and also can guide for your future generation. Discover various Indian languages, I Am Not My Ancestors India is a land of Diversity and we are all One, but concerning Mother Tongue, if you wish to proclaim your mother tongue as Telugu after that you need to find out the language.

you are a telugu. you must follow your father. even u r living in tamilnadu for last 400 years. im a malaysian tamil. last 200 years n abv my forefathers living right here in malaysia. yet we are still tamils also day-to-day we connect with malays n chinese … im pleased to be a malaysian. I Am Not My Ancestors however im extra pleased to be n being as a tamilian. so the place is not important. simply be a tamilnadu telugu … like me malaysian tamil.

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