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I get a great deal of questions concerning my fishing, where I fish, what the fish are doing, where I’ve been fishing, what watercraft I’m running and the like, so I thought I would certainly share a much more thoughtful video on what I have actually been focusing on this year angling, and changing up a lot of my angling consisting of watercrafts, locations I fish, what I fish for, and extra.

Funny Fantasy Football Champion Draft Party T-Shirt

I likewise talk about having a good tiny fishermen network and how having an angler or two that will bounce ideas back and forth with you can help your fishing and theirs. So I like to talk to just a few guys and compare notes on occasion as most of us fish on our own, and while we fish together sometimes, we often share different things we find hoping they can expand on what we’re seeing around where they are fishing.

I also think sharing what you see with others can lead you possibly in some different directions and give you additional ideas when they share similar experiences of their own when you share. So I’ve stumbled onto to some really good fishing over the years just comparing notes with other good anglers.

This was particularly useful when learning to use Fishing forward-facing sonar a couple years ago. Forward-facing sonar is awesome. But, it can run you crazy as well. Being able to see fish everywhere, you can waste hours trying to catch something that’s not even a bass or spend a lot of time trying to catch bass that are inactive. Fishing in a pond where I knew what I was looking at with that technology translated to me more quickly identifying bass, and active ones, on bigger fisheries.

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