Funny Fishing And Hunting Shirt Hunter T-Shirt

Along the Logone River, which is shared by Cameroon and Chad, anglers engage in artisanal fishing.

The citizens here live primarily from fishing, a resource that is becoming increasingly scarce.

After six hrs of angling, Ahmadou Baba, a Chadian fisherman, go back to the banks of the river with little catch.

” When I was a youngster, we could obtain fish just with hooks. Currently, individuals leave from far such as Oussi to Leena there, to get fish. Prior to, when we utilized to head out like this, females would certainly also come right here, and also they can obtain fish. Now there is no fish there,” Ahmadou said.

Funny Fishing And Hunting Shirt Hunter T-Shirt

The shortage of fish resources has actually become a resource of stress between the two neighborhoods, who accuse each other of using improper angling gear. They declare some angling nets are very comprehensive and also huge.

” Our researches reveal that there are a number+ of problems. Cohabitation is a problem, access to fish sources is coming to be scarce. Along with being limited, angling methods are becoming gradually immoral with using ill-adapted angling gear, which is not ideal for angling Individuals are now experiencing low catch and there is likewise a renewal of problems,” Armel Mewouth Bridge Task Coordinator at Lake Chad Basin Commission stated.

Faced with these numerous problems, the Cameroonian as well as Chadian authorities, under the Lake Chad Basin Payment, met in Bongor, a Chadian border town located 2 kilometers from the Cameroonian community of Yagoua.

Meetings were held with neighborhood residents, Fishing specifically fishermen. The authorities of both nations called on the anglers to relax and live together.

” We can claim that there are resources, only that individuals do not appreciate the environmental sustainability, because we always sign an order forbiding fishing from 1 July to 30 September. So, it’s 3 months as well as it’s this period that we have called organic remainder, to allow the fish to reproduce. As well as there are individuals that cheat at night, they go fishing,” Manou Diguir, a commissioner exposed

The commission additionally suggested that those living along the Logone River need to also exercise agriculture so as not to deplete fishing sources.

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