Halloween wasn’t a thing in England

I became an atheist shortly pursuant to gaining the ability to reason objectively.

During the last week or so of December, I say “merry christmas” because it feels friendly.

“happy holidays is just so much cold, unfeeling bullshit.

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I also celebrate the interactions I have with those who I consider friends and a few family members.

Believing in something which was invented by desperately confused humans such as this “god” thing has nothing to do with any of this.


I enjoyed the Christmas holiday each year as a child, my parents weren’t religious, they had a pub where we lived & of course, it was decked with Christmas decorations & we had a traditional roast dinner together after we had closed up. I carried on the tradition with my family & we even had a big tree & a Turkey roast when we lived in Taiwan. Since my wife died & our daughters have their own families I spend my Christmas’s & New Year in Thailand where my hotel puts on plenty of Christmas festivities. I’m an atheist but Christmas is still fun & the children enjoy Father Christmas & receiving their gifts, the winter is a good time for a party.

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When I was growing up, no one including our daughters celebrated Halloween & many still don’t, it’s an American thing & as far as I know, a Celtic Samhain Festival when ghosts & spirits are abroad which doesn’t sound religious to me at all

I feel the need to point out that Halloween is a pagan holiday, not a Christian one. It old about zero link to scripture. Even less so that Christmas who while also originating with a Pagan holiday was Christianized and associated with the Birth of the Christ, there’s no such rational for Halloween.

Since both were pagan and secular communal festivals long before Christianity even existed, and were just hijacked by early Christianity to try to take control of what halloween 2021 people believed and worshipped, and most of the ways people celebrate come from pagan ritual rather than Christianity (the presents, the tree, the lights, etc) then yes, we are all free to celebrate these, in fact those who DON’T follow the Christian or other Abrahamic gods have more legitimacy to do so.

You can celebrate Halloween sure but personally it has always irked me as to why atheists or agnostics would celebrate Christmas.

CHRIST…mas is about the birth of Jesus Christ. Nothing more & nothing less. It is 100% the day of OUR lord. Jews don’t celebrate Christmas? Hindu’s don’t celebrate Christmas? Muslims don’t celebrate Christmas? So why is it that atheists think they should? News flash atheists don’t get a fucking holiday. They get to sit & aimlessly roam around thinking about why they have no purpose at all on this planet that we all just appeared out of thin air on.

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