Joe Biden Receives Poll Boost As Majority Of Americans

A majority of Americans have voiced their support for Joe Biden’s wide-ranging vaccine mandate, according to a new poll.

The President unveiled a major national COVID-19 plan on September 9 which set out to boost America’s vaccine rollout.

A major part of the ‘Biden COVID Action Plan’ was a vaccine mandate for all federal government workers and private companies with 100+ employees.

The plan also included a vaccine mandate for staff at hospitals which receive Medicare or Medicaid funds, and a requirement for businesses with more than 100+ employees to provide paid leave for workers to get vaccinated.

Despite pushback from Republican states such as Texas and Florida who have threatened to sue, Mr Biden’s vaccine mandate has broad appeal.

A Gallup poll conducted in the aftermath Joe Biden of the announcement between September 13 and 19 showed 60 per cent of Americans were in favour of the mandate for federal government employees.

The requirement for companies with more than 100 employees to have all workers vaccinated or tested weekly received a major tick of approval with 58 per cent in favour.

The paid leave requirement had massive support among the population with a 68 per cent approval rating.

Support for the program was essentially split down party lines with 94 per cent of Democrats and 19 per cent of Republicans supporting the government employee mandate.

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