Pumpkin Witch Hat Daddy Family Matching Halloween Costume T-Shirt

Fake skeletons are easily available in the market for Halloween and so you can get one for your home or you can even create one with hard cardboard and some thermocol. Now you would have to set two LED lights inside the hollows of the skull eyes and this would make the skeleton scariest. Now you have to hand a bag full of candies on that skeleton and it would be fun to see people getting scared of it.

Pumpkin Witch Hat Daddy Family Matching Halloween Costume T-Shirt

Bat and owls look very spooky and often they appear in horror shows so people have the assumption that bats and owls have a strong connection with ghosts so to make your home appear spooky you can get some fake owls as well as, some black bats. Here you would have to hang then here and there so that it looks as if those birds are flying inside your home and this would terrify your guests for sure.

Nothing too crazy, but it just makes me so happy! I have memoribilia from Disney’s Haunted Mansion, little ghost and mummy plushies, and a few black cat lights from Pier 1 (I also have two black cats, so perhaps that’s my incentive there.).

Yes, I do decorate my home for Halloween. I love to decorate for Halloween. I put up the vintage glitter type of decor. Glittery fall colors. The more glitter, the better.

I love the old types of the Halloween knick -knacks. Halloween 2021 shirt Those old knick-knacks cost money now and I’m content to buy the reproductions. I don’t like anything that is scary, So it’s just pumpkins, gourds, jack o lanterns, witches, black cats, and the like. I have a cute little doll house that is set up to look like a haunted gingerbread house.

On the outside of our home, I’ll put out the pumpkins, and chrysanthemums by the front steps. The back patio will have jack-o-lanterns that we collected over the years. They will be tucked around plants and flowers. No candles, just those flameless candles when my grandson comes to stay with his Ama and Papa,.

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