The Viking Raiders Made Up Of Erik And Ivar Against The Hurt Business And Their New Recruit, Cedric Alexander

It’s been quite some time since the entrance music of former NXT & RAW Tag Team Champions ‘The Viking Raiders’ has had fans worldwide banging their heads. Erik & Ivar have been out of action since September, when Ivar underwent neck surgery, and Erik soon followed with arm surgery. Ivar was injured following a dive to the outside in a match against Hurt Business.

The surgery Erik underwent was elective, and just because it was a good time to do it with Ivar on the shelf. However, it might soon be time for them to return, and they’ve teased this on Instagram. Could it be time for the raid to begin once again

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On the latest episode of Smackdown Live, Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode would defeat the Smackdown Tag Team Champions Street Profits to win the belts for the first time. This is Ziggler’s fourth reign as a tag team champion, and second with Roode as a partner, who is now in tenth reign as a champion, eight of those in Impact Wrestling. Roode is seriously one of the best tag team wrestlers of his generation, a role he’s enjoying in WWE again.

All they need to prove themselves as a top tag team are strong contenders, something that Smackdown currently lacks. The tag team division essentially is just Street Profits & the new champions. This makes a team like Viking Raiders very tempting for the brand, and they know this. On an instagram picture of Roode & Ziggler as new champions, Ivar dropped some eye emojis, and Erik followed up with some thinking emojis.

Viking Raiders were drafted to RAW in 2020, but there’s nothing stopping WWE from putting them on Smackdown to help boost the lacking tag team division. Adding them in would put the division one team away from greatness, and the duo of Steve Cutler & Wesley Blake could be just that.

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There was a scary moment when Ivar dove through the ropes and out of the ring, but the landing was a painful one and the other superstars had to rush to the ending.

It caused some miscommunication and a botched conclusion to the bout, but the real issue was Ivar’s health after taking a knock.

As a precaution, Ivar was transported to a local hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.’

Thankfully, it sounds like the situation isn’t as bad as it could have been, and fans will be hoping the former tag team champion doesn’t end up missing too much time.

It was a fairly eventful episode of Raw last night, as Alexander turned his back on Crews and Ricochet in the middle of a match against MVP, Shelton Benjamin and United States Champion Bobby Lashley.

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